4 Ways You Know You Just Met Your Travel Besties

1. Even when you explore separately, you find your way back to each other.

This happened all the time on my Grand Tour of Spain trip! One time, we were all separately exploring this market in Barcelona and somehow at the same time, we all found each other at this empanada spot where we were, clearly, ordering empanadas! Another time, two of us had stepped into this ice cream shop and 10 minutes later, a few more people in the group stopped in as well! It was like we had some kind of 6th sense to know when there was someone in our group nearby.

photo of three women looking through a window into a store with colorful patterned cookware


2. You don’t have to share meals together. But you do.

Technically, on this tour, the only meal we have planned together (besides breakfast) is our group dinner. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop us from meeting up for lunch or dinner throughout the trip! Honestly, I don’t think I can remember a meal that I didn’t have with other travelers in the group.

photo of group of young people sharing food plates at a long dinner table

This was the beginning of a great tapas and drinks meal in Granada!


3. You don’t get grumpy on road trips…even in tight quarters.

When you share a 20-person bus for 16 of you, you get close. Literally. Once we headed towards the South of Spain, we got pretty acquainted with our new wheels (below). From Granada to Sevilla to Costa del Sol, we shared many laughs, games, and naps all within inches of each other. It may have been small, but it definitely made us even better friends! The word I would use is: snug.

photo of blue passenger bus


4. No adventure is too big when you’re with your travel best friends!

Between the local cafés, bars, famous sights, and landmarks, we were always exploring! Walking around a new city or checking out a place that doesn’t speak your first language isn’t so bad when you’ve got other travelers with you. We had our share of memories from trying to order on an all-Spanish menu to having fun at a bar with some locals!  

photo of group of young women in hotel lobby giving thumbs up

This was 7AM in the morning on our way to Morocco!

I don’t know what my traveling to Spain would’ve been like if I didn’t travel with this group! I may have signed up solo, but I certainly didn’t travel solo. By the end of the trip, everyone was already thinking about a reunion trip!

photo of table of young people in a restaurant cheers-ing with mugs of sangria

Salud to amazing travel adventures with new travel best friends!

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