5 Cliché Things You Must Do In Europe

By: Laura Massey

To those who have mastered the “jumping picture” and the “Leaning Tower of Pisa perfectly sitting in your hand picture”, I think you’ve got it going on. On my London, Paris, & Rome trip I took some cliché pictures and thought that they were some of my best. You might think that these pictures are cheesy, but don’t knock it ‘til you try it!

1. Eat a crepe under the Eiffel Tower


We were on the hunt to find a crepe in Paris. It just so happened to be at the same time that the Eiffel tower was lit up so that we could appropriately bask in the picturesque moment. Yes, it is cliché, but it is one of our favorite memories from our tour. Have you ever seen the Eiffel tower sparkle in person? Ahhh-mayyy-zingggg!

2. Take a picture in a London phone booth:

Cheerio from London! You can’t leave London without this classic photo. We all know that this is the one that your mom wants to hang on the fridge (did you notice how we casually fit Big Ben in the background too?). We met the nicest couple in the process who actually grew up near my hometown.

3. Eat gelato every chance you get:


Because…why not? You are in Italy after all. And take a picture. Every. Single. Time. So you can forever savor the sweet moments.

4. Take a gondola ride in Venice


If there was one thing I was looking forward to in Italy, it was taking a gondola ride in Venice. I wanted the lighting to be just right on our gondola ride so I could take wonderfully cliché pictures.  This meant Claire and I had to fill our day with activities. We passed the time by eating gelato and pizza and sipping Bellini’s (invented in Venice) when we finally decided around 5pm that we couldn’t wait any longer! Our gondola ride was definitely worth the wait. There is nothing like weaving through the little canals of Venice on a gondola.

5. Get a postcard picture of the Colosseum: 

The Colosseum is one of the most distinctive sights in all of Rome.  It was so amazing to see it in person and to hear the stories of what went down in the Colosseum thousands of years ago.  If you find yourself at the Colosseum, a must-do is to take a “postcard picture”: a picture of the Colosseum at it’s most famous angle.  Any camera will do!  And if you’re able to pose like a gladiator in the picture – all the better.

What cliché pictures do you plan to take on your next trip? 

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