4 Reasons To Travel For New Year’s

1. If you’re in college, you know the routine. Every winter break you get pumped up for the holidays, ready for a few weeks of unadulterated “you” time. But when January 2nd comes around and that holiday-haze clears, you realize you’ve got another 16 weeks of Netflix ahead of you. Instead of wasting away curled up with your laptop, how about having an adventure worth bragging about?

2. New Year’s Eve at home is great. You see everyone you know at the local bars, or maybe you travel to visit someone in another city, or have an annual party with your best friends. All fun stuff. You know what is better? Like, way better? New Year’s Eve in London. Paris. Or Amsterdam. Or Munich. Prepare yourself for some life-changing partying.

3. Did you know many times, it’s actually cheaper to travel over New Year’s? Since you’re traveling during the off-season, not only can you save some cash, but there are also fewer tourists, giving you the opportunity live like a local.

4. How often do you have 3 weeks with no obligations? After you leave college, it pretty much never happens again. Summers are busy with a summer job, or classes, or mandatory family trips to visit Grandma. The best gift you get for the holidays is the gift of time. Use it wisely.

*Advertised trip prices are based on lowest-priced departure date and gateway.