6 steps for any international flight

We get tons of questions about flying internationally and we help our travelers with issues they face every day. If you want to avoid some of those issues, read the tips below.

1. The second you book your trip, check your passport. Make sure it isn’t even close to expiring (if it expires within 6 months of your return to the U.S., it could be deemed invalid), and make sure the name matches your ticket exactly. Exactly. That means your middle name too. Go check.

2. Wear something comfy. Sure, when you land you’ll be meeting a whole bunch of new people. But trust us, you’re gonna regret those wedges when you’re somewhere over the Atlantic and your feet are swelling up like Violet from Willy Wonka.

3. Make sure you know what you can or cannot bring on your flight. If you try to bring something through security, and it’s not allowed, you’re gonna have to leave it behind. That includes your large perfume, swiss army knife, or full sized bottle of expensive bronzer. Learn the 3-1-1 rule. Love it.

4. Check in online 24 hours in advance, and arrive at the airport 3 hours early. This is not the time to be running late. Set 7 alarms in the morning and imagine you’ll have to fight off zombies to get to the airport. That’s how much time you need.

5. Sleep. We say this all the time but once you land, your schedule is gonna be all messed up. Do everything you can to knock yourself out for a few hours.

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6. Try to be as flexible as possible. Sometimes flights get delayed, or you get put through extra security measures, or the lines are just really long.  Be assertive when it’s necessary, but also be nice. The airline employees can help you out, but if you’re a jerk, they won’t want to. A smile and a “thank you” will get you everywhere.