Eight Reasons You’re Gonna Love Peru & Machu Picchu Adventure

1. Sip on a tasty Pisco Sour in the country where it was born.


2. Get outside the city and hike through the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Visit local villages, talk to the natives, and check out the massive salt mines that have been in use since before the Incas even arrived in Peru. Alright, so this is like four points in one… whatever.


3. Enjoy a trip that is perfect for seeing a lot on a short amount of time.

4. Visit a mix of sophisticated cities, Spanish colonial towns and ancient ruins.

5. Make friends in, Cuzco, a vibrant crossroads for travelers coming from all over the world; you never know who you’ll meet.

6. Try a huge variety of exotic and adventurous foods, like Ceviche or even guinea pig (for those who are not faint of heart).


7. Climb up Huayna Picchu, the peak above Machu Picchu. Conquer your fear of heights for this once-in-a-lifetime view.


8. Llamas. Because they are everywhere. And they are nature’s funniest animals.

Check out the full itinerary and book your trip to Peru before space is gone!

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