A Fine Wine Tastes like a Day Well Spent



Photo Credit: Danielle Nilsen

Nose-deep in the glass, you inhale the aroma–pear, white flowers and citrus fruits, it says. “Smells like wine,” you say, and take a sip. Let it linger on the palette. Exhale. You gaze out over the cliffside as the blue water begins to turn shades of light orange. The taste of the wine—hints of mastic and fennel root; rich mouth, oily, highly refreshing, it says. “Tastes like wine!” you say. But it’s not just any wine; this is a flavor of a day well spent—a day exploring villages and gandering over the perfectly-rounded bay from Santorini’s highest viewpoint. Across that bay, light orange shifts to shades of red. Red wine is next. Aromas of violet, fig, fragrant roses and carnations—It smells like wine. It tastes like heaven. You decide you’ll need to take a bottle (or two) along; a taste of heaven to accompany the sight of the sun setting over another day in paradise.


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