A Madrid hotel made out of trash

There’s a new hotel in Madrid, and it’s made out of trash. Literally, it’s made entirely out of garbage.

The hotel is called the Beach Garbage Hotel, and it was built by a German artist named Ha Schult. It is actually a five-bedroom hotel installed in the Plaza Callao in the center of Madrid. It will only be there for a limited time, as part of Madrid’s International Tourism Fair.

The trash materials were collected from Europe's beaches, as well as garbage dumps and flea markets. Why would one build a hotel out of trash? The artist wanted to draw attention to all the trash and waste generated by mass tourism in Europe.

Now, as an avid traveler, I of course am in favor of tourism to Europe and all over the world. Unfortunately, when you get a lot of people visiting some of the best spots in the world, that leads to more trash. It's definitely a shame. I think we can all learn a lesson from the artist’s trash hotel: when traveling to Europe or anywhere, don’t leave your trash around. These are words I live by.

By the way, for anyone taking an EF College Break trip to Madrid, I can guarantee that your hotel will not be made of trash.

Trash hotel
Photo via http://www.bbc.co.uk

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