A special free clothing offer in Madrid

I don’t like to shop. But, I do like getting things for free, so I could have been persuaded to join the fun in Madrid a few days ago when the clothing store Desigual offered free clothes to the first 100 people to show up at their door.  There was only one condition: you had to be in your underwear.

Nice idea. Who doesn’t like seeing a lot of people in their underwear in public?

The store held the special event to try to bring in new customers during Spain’s tough economic times. And it was a smashing success. Even in freezing cold temperatures, the underweared people came in droves to pick up some free goods.

Good job, Desigual. More stores should hold fun events and promotions like this. I like the idea of walking into a store in your underwear and walking out fully clothed, all for free. For the customers it’s a chance to get a great bargain and an excuse to parade around without any clothes on, a memory to share with the grandkids. For the store it’s free publicity (I hadn’t heard of the store Desigual before this, though it’s probably famous to experienced shoppers and anyone who knows anything about fashion). Anyway, it’s a win-win.

Now, the next time you’re in Spain you might be inclined to stop by a Desigual and pick yourself up a shirt or some pants. But don’t go in your underwear unless they’re holding another special underwear event.

Photo: Let Ideas Compete via Flickr (CC)

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