A week to party in Madrid

As most of you know, Spain won the World Cup yesterday. Congratulations, Spain.

With Spain on the brain, I looked into what was going on in Madrid these days, and I found that there are two more reasons besides fútbol to be partying this week.

First, there is the annual Fiesta del Carmen. This runs from tomorrow through Friday in Madrid's Chamberí district, north of the city center. The party really picks up on Friday the 16th, when the locals honor their patron saint, la Virgen del Carmen. The Plaza de Chamberí comes alive with outdoor parties, live music, and fun for the kids. If the Madrileños aren’t too hungover from their World Cup celebrations,
I’m sure it’ll be a good time.

And then there’s another one, also honoring the patron saint Virgen del Carmen. But this time it’s with an enormous water fight. This coming Sunday the 18th, in Madrid’s Vallecas district, is the so-called Naval Battle. Thousands show up, some in pirate costumes, most carrying buckets, hoses and water guns, and they proceed to drench each other. They also eat paella, enjoy live concerts, and attend after-parties. Sounds awesome.

What a great week to be in Madrid.

Photo: The Freddy Portfolio via Flickr (CC license)

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