Almost time for the Paris Air Show

Anyone into aviation may be aware that the biggest air show of the year is coming up next week. It’s the Paris Air Show, taking place at Le Bourget, an old airfield on the outskirts of the city. All kinds of airline industry wheeling and dealing goes on at this event, and it draws a couple hundred thousand regular people who come to watch planes fly. It starts Sunday, and goes for a week.

The Paris Air Show is chock full of history. It is the biggest and oldest air show of its kind. It’s held every two years, and the last one in 2009 celebrated its 100th anniversary. The Le Bourget airfield is where Charles Lindbergh landed after his famous transatlantic flight.

The Paris Air Show traditionally is the place where the airline industry unveils the next big thing in aviation. It’s where the Concorde debuted. Also, more recently, the Airbus A380. This year, rumor has it that the Solar Impulse will make an appearance. That’s a solar-powered plane that flew for 26 hours last year with only the sun as fuel.

I’m actually not a big aviation enthusiast, so everything you just read I learned five minutes ago. That said, I do like planes (I’m a casual fan of aviation), and I love traveling, and when I travel I usually go in planes, so at the end of the day I do have a vested interest in the latest and greatest in aviation.

Anyone going to be in Paris next week with EF College Break? You might want to check out the show.

Photo: slasher-fun via Flickr (CC)

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