An excellent (and 100% free) souvenir

Souvenirs come in all shapes and sizes. And, of course, they come with all kinds of price tags.

I have a lot of souvenirs from my travels over the years. In China I got an incense burner in the shape of a fat little buddha-like man with a cup of tea on his belly. The incense smoke wafts from the teacup like steam. I like it. I also brought home from China a hand-painted scroll that was custom-made by an old artist we found at a flea market. It hangs on my bedroom wall as we speak.

Perhaps my favorite souvenir of all is one I didn't pay a cent for: a Czech concert poster. This framed 12×17-inch poster currently hangs in my bathroom. I took it from a posting board in a bar I used to go to a lot when I lived in Prague. I didn’t see the show, I just liked the poster.

I love having this concert poster hanging in my home, staying with me all these years. It's an ideal souvenir, and for many reasons. It has cool art on it. It has Czech writing all over it. It conjures up something I love (live music). And the date of the show is always on there as a marker of that moment in time.

And, of course, it was free. Well, I guess technically it was stolen, but there were plenty of other copies of it around, so I don’t feel too bad.

I highly recommend snatching a concert poster or two from your travels. If you want to splurge, take it home, get it framed, and voilà. You've got a classy and affordable timepiece from a great trip.


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