Apps that can help you get traveling

Finding the discipline to save for a trip can be something hard to wrap your head around. The hardest thing to do with any change is to start. Here are a few apps and ideas that can help you on the road to seeing the world.



The beauty of Mint is it allows you to be super lazy with your budgeting. You don’t need to add every expense manually. Mint handles that for you. All you have to do is set your budget for every category (rent, loans, clothes, Netflix, food, travel, bar tabs… whatever YOU spend money on) and Mint will keep track of your spending within those categories. If you’re coming close to your limit, they’ll let you know. This prevents you from overspending, but also makes sure you ARE spending enough money on the fun things where you’ve allotted a budget.



Hulu, Netflix, HBO Live etc.

Let’s face it. We are living in a magnificent world where you can practically stream anything for little or now cost. Cutting those expensive cable packages and opting for Hulu, Netflix (even HBO Live) can keep a nice chunk of money in your account every month. Even better, if you have roommates then that cost just cut cut in half or third. Plus, you know you can’t live without House of Card and Orange is the New Black.


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Simple goes a step further than Mint. Its basically an online bank that makes saving effortless. You can see your spending as it happens and their awesome “Safe-to-Spend” feature allows you to see how much you can safely spend without hurting yourself tomorrow. Their Goals feature automatically puts money aside everyday and subtracts it from you “Safe-to-Spend” amount. Saving has absolutely never been easier.



This one probably is a no brainer but eating out gets expensive. You can use Paprika to find recipes, plan meals and organize grocery lists. It works across a ton of devices and pulls recipes from all over the web. Take control of your food spending and put those savings toward an awesome dinner in someplace you’ve always wanted to go.

Have any other apps you can’t live without? Post them in the comments below. Checkout our Paying for your trip page for more tools and tips.

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