Around the World: Our Weekly Travel Link Mash-Up

Featuring Krakow’s Heritage,  Lima’s Food and Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong on a Plane

Krakow’s main square


Krakow is an up and coming destination in Poland that is attracting a lot of attention.  Travel + Leisure published their “World’s Best Cities” guide and Krakow came in at number seven.  It is not surprising, given its important role in Jewish heritage.  Check out The New York Times’ recent article “In Poland, Searching for Heritage” that, while Krakow’s buildings may have survived the war, it’s Jewish population was decimated and has never recovered.

The food fusion of Asia and Peru was showcased in this Chicago Tribune story about food in the South American nation’s capital, Lima.  For a city of 10 million people, nestled between the rain forest, the Pacific Ocean and the towering Andes mountains, this is also a foodies paradise.

Besides the 2,000 varieties of potatoes the Peruvians boast, they also have distinct Asian-Peruvian culinary labels like the new “Nikkei” style of food (Japanese + Peruvian) and it’s older buffet-friendly cousin “Chifa”  (Chinese + Peruvian).   The paper also published a stunning slideshow sure to interest your palette.

Free museums in Paris were highlighted in our own Travel Stuff, so put your savings to use and stay a little longer in the City of Light.  While in Paris, Destination Go gave us 5 ideas for seeing the Eiffel Tower from different vantage points. Plus, get excited about these 10 can’t miss European experiences or find your travel inspiration from this list of wanderlust inspiring Netflix movies.

Disneyland turned 60 this week.  Read about some of the Magic Kingdom’s secrets in the Los Angeles Times and it seems when the park opened it was a hot mess.

Magazine Mash-up

Men’s Journal gave us some great tips for motion sickness without resorting to drugs.  You should check it out before zipping around Venice in a vaporetto. The lagoon can get pretty rough. Maxim takes on Venice as well, if you want to dress the part when you visit the city.  After all, it is one of international style icon James Bond’s favorite cities.

From Cosmo, we liked their article “12 Things You’ve Been Doing All Wrong on an Airplane.”

Apparently, none of us know how to fly without hurting ourselves.  Every breath you take on an airplane dehydrates you.  The worst thing you can do is replace fluids with alcohol – which only further accelerates dehydration.  Beer and champagne are even worse choices because the bubbles at altitude might make you extra uncomfortable.  So make sure you drink plenty of water when you fly.

For more fun, let Vogue get you daydreaming about new travel accessories or even what to eat in Rome.

If you go…

Krakow: EF College Break’s new Highlights of Eastern Europe trip is attracting more interest from our travelers and is getting great reviews.  Krakow is a major destination on the trip.  Other cities of note include:  Vienna, Warsaw, Prague, and Budapest. Lima: If you go to Lima, EF College Break’s Peru & Machu Picchu Adventure uses the city as a jumping off point to exploring Cusco and further afield.   Paris: Do it with EF College Break’s Ultimate Europe or explore our trips for all your Paris departures.

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