Belize: Visit the Lamanai Ruins

Part Indiana Jones action, part nature hike and part jungle cruise, a trip to Lamanai is several memorable adventures rolled together in the jungles of Belize.  

The High Temple at Lamanai

Speedboat ride up the New River


The Lamanai site is in a very secluded location; the easiest and fastest way to get there is by speedboat, 25 miles up the New River from Orange Walk. 

Snake Alley

The boat goes fast, but slows down as you head up Snake Alley, where the river “snakes” through a narrow passage in the jungle. You’ll pass a Mennonite village, stop to look at any wildlife you may see, and even talk to local fisherman. Numerous birds, occasional crocodiles, and spider and howler monkeys are all regularly visible on the ride.

Guided Tour of Lamanai


This site is known for its long, continual occupation; it was inhabited for about 3,000 years. Maya civilization came to an end around 900 AD, but not here.

Only part of the Lamanai site has been excavated, and includes several temples, a ball court and a royal palace.

Climb the High Temple

View from the top of the High Temple
View from the top of the High Temple

Unlike most historic ruins, you can actually climb several structures, including the High Temple.


Visit Lamani with EF College Break. The best way to travel for anyone 18 to 28.