Beat the Mid-January Resolution Slump

shutterstock_168946631What’s going on with your New Year’s Resolutions?

It’s that time again. We’re halfway through January and almost everyone is heading back to school. In the midst of all the unpacking, catching up with friends, and readjusting to campus life, New Year’s Eve seems like a distant memory. It was only two short weeks ago we were proclaiming over a glass of champagne that “this year will be DIFFERENT!” We made great claims of getting into shape, getting organized, being nicer to our parents. But now here we are eating cheese puffs in our sweats while watching endless Law and Order marathons.

But not anymore. It’s time to get back on track. Here are four apps to keep those resolutions going strong til 2017.

Eat healthier and get in shape with My Fitness Pal

This app takes the guess work out of counting calories and calculating how far you need to run to burn off last night’s pizza. The simple design allows you to easily document what you’ve eaten (including exact menu items at thousands of popular restaurants) and will calculate how many calories you’re consuming and how many calories you’re burning. The app also gives you estimates on how long it’ll take to reach your goal weight.


Organize your life with Evernote 

Evernote is one place you can keep EVERYTHING. Store lists, quick thoughts, voice memos, and photos all in one place. The best part? It goes beyond your phone, as your account is accessible from your desktop and tablet. So if you’re in class, on a run, at work, or in bed you can set a calendar reminder to buy your mom a birthday gift.


Keep track of your finances with Mint

The beauty of Mint is it allows you to be super lazy with your budgeting. You don’t need to add every expense manually.. Mint handles that for you. All you have to do is set your budget for every category (rent, loans, clothes, Netflix, food, travel, bar tabs… whatever YOU spend money on) and Mint will keep track of your spending within those categories. If you’re coming close to your limit, they’ll let you know. This prevents you from overspending, but also makes sure you ARE spending enough money on the fun things where you’ve allotted a budget.


Travel more with EF College Break

Not enough travel is often listed by those later in life as a major regret.  Resolve to explore possible trips in the upcoming year and get out on the road.