Beijing’s best beatboxer

I’m a fan of beatboxing, especially those beatboxers who take it to that next level. The ones who actually sound like they might not be human. I cannot do that. But there’s a 21-year-old Chinese kid who can, and he’s apparently becoming something of a sensation in Beijing.

His name is Liang Bo. He goes by the stage name ‘Bozi’.  He is one of the few people who perform live beatboxing shows in clubs around Beijing. Liang Bo learned beatboxing from watching foreign performers online and imitating them (and China actually has its own traditional form of voice-imitating-drumbeats called kouji). I could go on about him and his beatboxing skills, but I'll let you watch for yourself.

Though beatboxing as we know it rose to popularity in the U.S. in the '80s, it’s now definitely an international pastime. That much is made clear in one website’s 10 best beatboxers of all time, with guys from France, Estonia, Australia, England and more. And then there’s this Beatbox Battle Online World Championship 2009, which was won by a 17-year-old girl from Canada (over guys from Belgium, Norway and Spain).

One thing I like about beatboxing from around the world: it’s the same in any language.

Photo: Smoet via Flickr (CC license)

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