Best Practices for Traveling to an Exotic Destination

Even for the experienced traveler heading abroad to an exotic destination can be a bit daunting, different food, different languages, different toilets… but never fear! Here are a couple of best practices to keep in mind when you’re starting to gear up for your exotic adventure!


1. Modesty is the best policy – Trust me, you’re already going to draw a bunch of attention to yourself as a Westerner, but there a few things you can do to tone down from a neon yellow to a neutral navy! You should leave your precious jewelry at home and dress modestly. While America is the land of the free and home of the crop top & bro tank, it may be less appreciated in other countries!


2. Supporting locals = awesome souvenirs! In many exotic places markets and streets are full of shops and stalls where you can find some of your best shopping. These little trinkets can make some of the best gifts and souvenirs and you’re also doing your part to support the people who live there. Don’t be afraid to barter a bit, it is typically expected.


3. Be kind to your tummy – Chances are, this is the first time that your digestive system has been exposed to all sorts of things within an exotic land, take care of it! Bring some Pepto with you and avoid drinking the tap water. I’m not saying to avoid enjoying these culinary experiences, but just listen to your body 😉 Another quick tip… get the Travel Protection in case your belly really doesn’t agree with you and you need to see a doctor!


4. Unplug! Not only should you leave your technology at home because it is a pain to lug around, but depending on where you are going it can actually warp! Heat + humidity = no Bueno for iPads and Laptops. Don’t be the weirdo with a melted laptop at the beach.


5. Step out of your comfort zone – You’ve already taken the largest step by actually getting on the plane, but don’t stop there! Enjoy the experiences your tour throws at you, whether it is ziplining through the canopy or attempting to converse with your high school level Spanish, GO FOR IT! Seize the day my friends and enjoy every moment.


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