Boutique Hostels Are THE Place to Stay Abroad

“Hostel” was once a dirty word.

The thought of sharing a cramped room with 15 strangers, the impending threat of being devoured by bed bugs, the nonstop blown out music from the “bar” downstairs that’s still not loud enough to drown out other questionable noises…they’re more the makings of a horror movie than a dream vacation.

Thankfully, the days of scary, overcrowded, dank hostels are gone…ish. The same way there’ll always be not-so-great hotels, there’ll always be not-so-great hostels. Just don’t pick those. Pick boutique hostels instead.

collage of pictures of Generator Paris boutique hostel

What Are Boutique Hostels?

Aside from the hip descriptor, what exactly sets boutique hostels apart from their creepier counterparts?

CLEAN + STYLISH – You can expect your rooms to be spotless, usually pretty modern, and more often than not they’ll be unique.

SOCIAL + LOCAL – A lot of boutique hostels host their own events in their own common space or in their respective cities. Generator Paris, for example, has an events coordinator in each city where they have a hostel. They run events are every other day like art exhibits, festivals, and dance parties—sometimes with well known DJs.

SAFE + CENTRAL – There’s security onsite, including lockers in bedrooms or common area for your valuable stuff. Boutique hostels are also relatively central rather than in the middle of nowhere; they like to be in the thick of the fun.

In short, boutique hostels are a more-than-decent place to stay where you can feel safe, clean, and well-rested (if you choose to sleep) and experience what we like to think of as affordable luxury.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay with all the essentials and that extra bit more without breaking the bank – then start looking at boutique/design-led hostels, they don’t disappoint.

This post was written with the help of Generator Hostel staffer Ernest Opoku.

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collage of pictures of the Generator Paris boutique hostel

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