Our Travelers: Grayson Lilly

Meet Grayson Lilly: Veteran EF College Break Traveler. Over the last four years, Grayson has taken three amazing trips with us, so we decided to pick this guy’s brain on, well, why? And how? And just about anything he was willing to tell us. Read on for the inside scoop on Grayson’s travels.


Traveler since 2011

Trips Taken: London and Paris Escape (2011), Berlin, Prague, and Munich – New Year’s (2013), and Thailand and the Islands – New Year’s (2014)

Favorite Trip: “That’s a tough one! They have all been great for different reasons. London and Paris Escape was a lot of fun because I went with my brother, but the most fun trip itself based on the itinerary was probably Berlin, Prague and Munich. We had a fun group, I really liked the Tour Director, and it was a good mix of history and free time to explore on your own.”

Craziest Moment: “On New Year’s Eve in Berlin we went out for the fireworks. At about 11:30, there were thousands of people lining the streets and then, once the clock struck 12, fireworks were launching everywhere. There was so much smoke and haze from the fireworks that it looked like a battlefield, but it was crazy! It was a blast – no pun intended.”

Any Tips for Other Travelers: “When traveling, I always just get money out of ATMs. You get a better exchange rate that way. Maybe start out with a little cash, but ATMs are everywhere. Oh, and don’t forget a Tide To Go pen. Those are a lifesaver.”

More on Grayson’s journey…

Grayson took his first trip abroad with us back in 2011 to London and Paris with his brother. “I had a really good time and knew I wanted to do it again. Traveling with EFCB is great because everything is figured out for you.” he explained. “Plus, EFCB takes advantage of group entrances so you get to cut the long line. My brother and I went on a trip of our own recently, and while it was fun, it’s WAY more leg work that I was responsible for. I feel like I’m getting a better deal with College Break.”

When we asked him about finding the motivation to travel, he said it’s not really much of a secret – you just have to want it and find a way to make it work. For him, the struggle is finding the time. Grayson saves all of his vacation days from work for traveling to a new destination each year. “It’s hard to tell someone what they’re missing out on if they’ve never done it before, but once you know you like it [traveling] you reprioritize to make sure it can happen.”

No matter what’s holding you back, Grayson and our other travelers have taught us that you can find a way to make it work. Next up, Grayson is thinking about Highlights of Australia’s Coast and extending to New Zealand to do some traveling of his own afterward. Wherever he ends up, one thing’s for certain…he’ll always have his Tide To Go Pen handy.