Cities We Love: Prague


Prague was spared much of the destruction that swept over Europe during the World Wars. The result: a skyline from Gothic to Renaissance to Modern, perfectly preserved. The traveler can feast their eyes on the plethora of cathedrals, the dancing house, and the largest ancient castle in the world.




The Czech Republic is the #1 beer-drinking country in the world. With 150 liters consumed per capita per year, the Czechs nearly double America’s beer enjoyment. This passion and pride is evident in the delectable pilsners, named from their origins in the nearby town of Plzen, perfected over 174 years.




For centuries upon centuries, Prague has cultivated some of the most influential leaders, artists and humanitarians to walk the earth. All eras can be witnessed within the beautiful city walls. Stand where thousands of students and civilians, led by playwrights and poets, gathered in peaceful revolution to gain back their independence from Communist tyranny.

c/o Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty



Before the French popularized Art Nouveau, there was Alphonse Mucha to invent it. Prague is often ranked one of the most romantic cities in the world. With the array of colors, quaint cobblestone streets and magic castles illuminated against the night sky, it’s easy to see why.




The Czech Republic is magical—really, they filmed the Narnia series in its forests. Take a short train ride to the countryside for some of the most stunning views of mountains, pastures, foliage, castles, rivers, lakes—the list goes on and on.



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