Calvin’s Top 3: Amsterdam, Paris & London

If asked for your top travel moments, could you sum it up into just three points? Probably not. I interviewed EF College Break traveler, Calvin, after his first international trip to Amsterdam, Paris and London and gave him the harrowing task of boiling his favorite moments down into three points in three categories. Here’s what he had to say:

Calvin’s top three epic moments:

  1. Visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam was an incredibly powerful experience. Being there it takes you a moment to realize that the confined space is where two families hid in fear for about two years. It gives us a lot to be thankful for.
  2. Our group went out to dinner together in Paris and had an amazing three-course French dinner. In the restaurant, there were entertainers who got the group to sing and dance throughout the meal, which had me laughing the entire time. It was such a fun, energetic and memorable moment from the trip.
  3. Being a bit of a Harry Potter fan, visiting Platform 9 ¾ was something I was really looking forward to. It was also great to stumble upon other filming locations throughout London.calvin

Calvin’s top three most unexpected moments:

  1. I was surprised by how laid back Dutch people are. In Amsterdam, everyone was so nice and willing to help us with directions. We went to a few museums and people watched at the IAMsterdam sign – it was cool to see everyone relaxing and taking selfies around town.
  2. Although Americans and British people both speak English, the different dialects were funny to decode. For example, a “tifter” is a hat – who knew!?
  3. The food experiences were surprising all around. First, I wasn’t expecting European breakfasts to be so different from what we have here. There were tons of breads, croissants, meats and cheeses. It was strange at first, but I ended up liking it! I also tried macarons, french fries with mayo in Amsterdam and the French meal I mentioned earlier. Everything was awesome.

calvin 2
Calvin’s top three reasons other travelers should go on Amsterdam, Paris & London:

  1. The people: Paola, our Tour Director, was fantastic. She was fun to travel with and so supportive. Our local guides, particularly Joel in London, were all great and enthusiastic about their cities! Finally, meeting new people from the group was a highlight as well. I liked having roommates and hearing about everyone’s backgrounds and lifestyles, you’re exposed to a lot of diversity within the group in addition to being in international destination.
  2. The places: Having the opportunity to hit 3 major European cities you’ve heard about your whole life was incredible. While these countries are close geographically, culturally they’re really different. You get a lot of new perspectives and experiences by going to each one. It’s like starting over in every new city.
  3. The adventure: This trip is great because of the variety of destinations and the amount of historical sites, museums and other sightseeing opportunities there are, but there’s also ample free time to explore on your own. I went to bars, museums and sometimes just walked around. We did some shopping for gifts like English teas and other souvenirs and of course, in Belgium, stopped for Belgian Waffles.

So, what’s next for Calvin? He plans on booking a reunion trip to England, Scotland & Ireland with a friend he met on his first College Break trip.