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Visit Anne Frank’s Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a well-deserved reputation for international art, picture-perfect canals, and impressive architecture. But beyond the the Van Goghs and the Rembrandts—visiting the Anne Frank House Museum is one of the most striking parts of any visit. In the face of unrelenting Nazi persecution, she recorded the trials and tribulations of her family’s life in …

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Calvin’s Top 3: Amsterdam, Paris & London

If asked for your top travel moments, could you sum it up into just three points? Probably not. I interviewed EF College Break traveler, Calvin, after his first international trip to Amsterdam, Paris and London and gave him the harrowing task of boiling his favorite moments down into three points in three categories. Here’s what …

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Top 3: Cultural Deep-Dives

The Vatican What? A country within a city and home to some of the world’s most significant relics, the Vatican is a bucket list destination for travelers of all walks of faith. Skip the line with a local guide to stroll through the centuries-old structures and see the ceilings of the Sistine Chapel, where Michelangelo painted his …

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One Day in Amsterdam

    The race is on. You have one day in Amsterdam, and here’s how you should spend it:     Grab a coffee and go. Book a canal cruise and explore by water on some of the 165 canals that intersect the city.   Tour the Anne Frank house and climb the stairs behind …

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Tips on Tipping: Europe

The topic of tipping is enough to stir up minor anxiety when traveling to a new place.  While it’s commonplace for those of us from the States, the rules change by country, situation and region – confused yet? Don’t be. To avoid an awkward faux pas abroad, give these tips on tipping a look. Basic moolah tips …

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In Photos: Amsterdam

Bikes, cheese, clogs – oh my! Amsterdam has a lot to offer its visitors. We’ve compiled some of our travelers’ best photos from Instagram to give you an idea of what it’s like in the city known as the “Venice of the North”.   AMSTERDAM ❤️ I miss you. #netherlands #amsterdam #efcollegebreak #xxx #summer15 #summer …

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