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Tips on Tipping: Europe

The topic of tipping is enough to stir up minor anxiety when traveling to a new place.  While it’s commonplace for those of us from the States, the rules change by country, situation and region – confused yet? Don’t be. To avoid an awkward faux pas abroad, give these tips on tipping a look. Basic moolah tips …

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Beat the Boring New Year’s Trap in 2015

Think back to last New Year’s Eve. Did you have high expectations of spontaneity, romance, or just plain excitement? Were you devastatingly let down? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us… every. single. year. It’s not too late to plan an amazing New Year’s and avoid the routine. You know what routine I’m …

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5 Reasons to Love Your Trip: Berlin, Prague and Munich

  You booked your trip and before you know it, you’ll be headed to the airport bound for your next adventure. In the meantime, here are five reasons your trip kicks ass…   1. Experience the fairytale magic of Prague’s Old Town.   2. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle, Disney’s inspiration for the Magic Kingdom.   3. …

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A nice domino effect in Berlin


In case you missed it, yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. In Germany, this whole year has been one long celebration of November 9, 1989, the day it was announced that residents could travel freely between East and West Germany and Berliners went out and knocked down the Wall. …

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