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Find Your Travel Horoscope

Hey there, what’s your sign? Click your sign below to find out your travel predictions:      Aquarius (January 19–February 18) Known for their c’est la vie nature, Aquarius travelers tend to go their own way. Drawn to adventure and spontaneity, they’re the life of the party when traveling with a group. While they like …

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Lisbon or Madrid – Which one is it?

Lisbon and Madrid. Two major cities with plenty to offer their visitors, but can you tell the difference between the two? Test your knowledge with our quiz. Get to Madrid and Lisbon on these trips: Grand Tour of Spain, Europe from London to Lisbon, Grand Tour of Europe, Spain, France and Italy.   PRICES INCREASE FEBRUARY 5th Just $150 guarantees …

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Greece vs. Italy

We thought this was the perfect time to have some fun and help you decide, with pseudo scientific-like accuracy, whether you prefer Greece or Italy. Take the quiz and see which locale is actually calling your name.     PRICES INCREASE OCTO​BER 1 Just $150 guarantees your spot. Remember, for all trips that don’t sell …

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Spot the difference

Can you find the 22 differences in this cartoon? Send a full list of what you find to [email protected] Get them all right and you will be entered to win great prizes like gear, excursions, trip discounts and much more. Winners will be announced on October 1.     PRICES INCREASE OCTO​BER 1 Just $150 …

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Beer & Cheese Quiz

Test your mettle as a true citizen of the world by answering several questions about two of our favorite things:  Beer & Cheese.     PRICES INCREASE OCTO​BER 1 Just $150 guarantees your spot. Remember, for all trips that don’t sell out by October 1 – prices will be increasing. Be on the go list, …

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Rank Your Favorite Grand Tour of Europe Cities

In the catalgoue of one's dreams, taking a Grand Tour of Europe ranks right near the top. Even the phrase "once in a lifetime" can't possibly do it justice. London, Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Florence, Rome, Nice, Barcelona and Madrid...offer so much. Which city beckons you, tempts you and demands you visit it soon?

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