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4 Ways a Group Travel Experience Can Help You Professionally

The benefits of travel are numerous, well-documented and life-altering, but they can also be of vital importance to your career. Here are four ways to use your travel experience to enhance your prospects. Brush up on “Soft Skills”.  Meeting new people is always a good idea. Communication, negotiation, cross-cultural understanding, self-sufficiency, decision making—these are known …

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11 Travel Tips to Make Your Life Easier Abroad

  Whether you’re traveling abroad for the first or 100th time, packing, planning and assimilating to culture are always a tad stressful. These 11 little hacks are here to make your life easier. 1. Thinking about bringing two suitcases? Stop that. You’ll thank yourself almost immediately when you’re free from lugging around a ton of bags. …

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Vacations Are Important. Yes, Really.

The New York Times published an article about the science behind a topic that is near and dear to our hearts: vacation. Whether this word drums up nostalgic memories of piling into mom’s minivan (AKA the sibling seat-belted fist fight arena) or stirs excitement for a big future trip, vacations are important! Science says so. According …

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