Cities We Love: Dubrovnik

Aptly described as “Heaven on Earth”, Dubrovnik is a city with many things to love. Here are just a few.

The Atmosphere

Dubrovnik is the optimal, unique blend of climates, cultures, history, and activities. No traveler can pass through without being enchanted by its charm. It even smells amazing; the warm, salty breeze carries strong scents of local lavender drifting through the cobbled streets. There is a sense of pure bliss among everyone lucky enough to find themselves in Dubrovnik, and the good vibes are palpable.

The Games (of Thrones)

Recall the moment you watched Tommen silhouetted against his window, gazing pensively upon his kingdom below. You probably thought, “Little close to the edge there, buddy. But dang that view is ridiculous.”

Indeed, it is. And that’s Dubrovnik.

Ever wanted to re-enact the Mountain and the Viper duel?

Do it in Dubrovnik.

Take Cersei’s walk of shame-shame-shame (but like, a little more clothed and a lot less shameful) in Dubrovnik. Pretend you’re a less-mopey Sansa wandering about the pristine land of the Lannisters…in Dubrovnik.

The city has doubled as King’s Landing for the entirety of the Game of Thrones series, and the magic is still very much alive.

The Adventures

What can’t you do in Dubrovnik? Just about everything is on the table. Love a good hike? Head up Mount Srð for insane lookouts of Dubrovnik’s red roofs against the shimmering blue sea. Ready to cool down? The Adriatic in the summer is the perfect temperature, and the salinity is just right for laying back and floating all your problems away. Dubrovnik has a plethora of options for epic swimming holes; ask a local for their favorite—you can’t go wrong!

The History

Dubrovnik has been through it all, from the 7th century to the more recent, post-WWII rise and fall of Yugoslavia. A UNESCO-recognized site, the Old Town is as its name suggests: old. If the massive, 5-foot-thick wall stretching over a mile around isn’t enough to feel like another world, there’s also evidence of Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque influence from within them. Moreover, Croatia’s unique geography means a cultural crossroad of Roman, Greek, Italian, and other influences throughout its fascinating history.

Hlinka PhotoDubrovnik – Croatia

The Nightlife

When the sun goes down, the city gets turnt up. Way up. If you think you’ve experienced nightlife before, wait ’til you try it in what is essentially a massive seaside castle. Most of the bars and clubs can be found within the walls of Old Town or lining the Adriatic coast. Whether you’re ready to sweat it out on the dance floor or chill with a glass of wine and a good view, every type of person has an option to mingle with locals and travelers from all around the world.


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