Chocolate masterpieces in China

If you like chocolate and/or sculpture art, you’ll love this. The World Chocolate Wonderland in Shanghai houses more than 200 works of chocolate art. Judging by the picture gallery, the craftsmanship is incredible. They have everything here, from a pair of shoes to a Transformer to a cartoonish cat, all made out of chocolate. They have porcelain vases, an entire Chinese tea set, and rolls of sushi. All made out of chocolate. None of it looks like chocolate, but everything is. It's all chocolate. I can't believe it's all chocolate.

Visitors get to do more than admire the chocolate art. They can also try to make their own chocolate taught by a professional. Overall, it sounds like a dream come true for chocolate enthusiasts.

The show won’t be in Shanghai forever. It’s a traveling exhibit. It started in Beijing, where it ran for 73 days and drew half a million visitors. It will be in Shanghai until mid-February. They say the company is planning to bring the exhibition to Hong Kong next, so maybe travelers on Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong next summer will have the chance to go see it.

I don’t know who’s making these chocolate works of art (the exhibit's organizer doesn't say who exactly made them), but these people are talented. The organizer says only that they have been created by dozens of chocolate masters. I suppose the mystery only adds to the amazement.

Photo: John Loo via Flickr (CC)

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