Breathtaking Views of the Italian Riviera: Just 382 Steps Away



The train nears the bright light at the end of the tunnel. In the darkness, you try to reflect on everything you’ve just seen. But how can you? It simply can’t get any better, you think. The pastel-hued facades of Corniglia perched high above the sea were a sight to behold; your legs still burn from the stair-climb to see them up close. A winding labyrinth of intricate passageways immediately enveloped you into a world from another time. Unassuming, you turned a narrow corner to reveal a view to inspire the greatest dreams: lush green terraces and vineyards cascading straight into the Ligurian; carved by that same staircase zig-zagging the 300 feet down. You had no idea water could be so crystal blue. It can’t get any better, you think again, as you promise yourself you will one day return to climb those stairs once more. Just then, the train exits the tunnel. Blinking in the bright sunlight, your eyes adjust to catch your first glimpse of the village of Vernazza.

It just got better.





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