Nightlife Basics in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde and Santa Elena, Costa Rica are lush havens of jungle flora and fauna – a nature lover’s delight. They also have a nightlife scene that feels, well, very much like hanging out at a bar in the middle of the rainforest.

Of course, nothing says refreshing after a long day of adventure in Monteverde like a pretty cold Imperial. Imperial is to Costa Rica like Corona is to Mexico – both being fairly pale lagers and wildly popular in their home countries.

Enjoying an Imperial in Monteverde is pretty easy; here are two tried and true places to drink, sing and relax with your trip buds. Bars here open around noon and close sometime after midnight.

  • Bar Amigos. Live music, cheap drinks and pool tables make this place the casual night time hang out you’re craving. Plus, the bar represents Monteverde well with both a webpage and Facebook page where you can see what they are up to.
  • Unicornios . This bar is known for karaoke and of course, having Imperial on tap. Pool tables here as well.


If you’re not into the bar scene, no worries! What about more nature? There are lots and lots of night tours into the rainforest. Some are very small groups other mid-sized groups, but these trips all feature one great common denominator – they are all walking tours, where your quiet treading and quick flashlight movement into the darkness will result in being surprised (terrified?) at whatever your guide finds. Tarantulas, sloths, snakes are all in the super dark jungle. How can you resist? If you are interested in the night tour, do a little homework before you go. Tripadvisor has a great ranking list of night tour operators doing business in the Monteverde and Santa Elena area. The average length of these inexpensive, fun tours is just 2-3 hours, so you’ll be back in time as the action at Bar Amigos is just heating up

How to get to Monteverde with EF College Break

Check out the Costa Rican Adventure trip; it is very popular for those ages 18-28 and includes airfare and all accommodations at one low price.