Crazy Valentine’s Day contest in Thailand

In case you haven’t gotten enough Valentine’s Day hype, I thought I’d direct you to this entertaining bit of Valentine’s Day news from Thailand.

Seven couples are competing in a kissing marathon to see who can stay kissing the longest. To win, couples must remain lip-locked continuously, no exceptions—that includes when going to the bathroom and while eating. They use straws to get food and drink into their mouths.

Incredibly, the current record for this contest is more than two days (set last year by a woman named Lakkana Tiranarat and her husband). 46 hours, 24 minutes and nine seconds to be exact. Now, I like kissing as much as anyone else, but I can think of a lot of other ways I’d rather spend two days. On the other hand, the winning couple gets a diamond ring worth $3,333 and a hotel gift voucher. On the other hand, they may never want to kiss each other again.

The contest started yesterday, and will presumably run through the big day tomorrow, when one lucky couple will be crowned champion. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Photo: rogoyski via Flickr (CC)

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