Creative Berlin

I just came across a cool video about Berlin. Berlin is a great city, I spent a weekend there a few years ago. The video is kind of long (by online standards), but it gives a nice overview about what makes Berlin unique. The focus is on all the creative stuff going on there. Berlin is the cultural center of Germany, and it’s one of the world’s best cities for art, design, fashion, architecture, and all that good stuff.

The video is in two parts:

Part 1 and Part 2.

I like how they talk about Berlin as an up-and-coming city. There’s still a lot of transformation and development going on there, 22 years after the Wall came down. As one guy in the video says, it’s an ugly city, having been rebuilt after being bombed out during WWII. So it doesn’t have the old historic feel of so many other cities in Europe. That gives it a kind of cool, modern, industrial edge, which blends well with the edgy art going on there. I like the atmosphere.

I also like currywurst, which they talk about. Currywurst is a delicious sausage snack, and, as the guy says, one of the real cultural icons of Berlin.

EF College Break’s Berlin, Prague and Munich trip gets you to Berlin (not to mention my favorite city Prague, and another classic Munich). Great trip. I recommend it.

Photo: ifanchiu via Flickr (CC)

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