Don’t Wait for Friends to Book! Here’s Why…

Real friends don’t make friends wait to travel. We get it—life happens, people get busy and plans change, but that doesn’t mean you should hit the pause button on your travel dreams while waiting for your crew to commit. We give you permission to be a little selfish, and here’s why…

Lock in your spot.

There are only set number of spots for each departure date, meaning the longer you wait, the more likely your dream trip sells out. Book now to secure your place! Should the trip sell out before your friends sign up, we can switch your posse to another departure, easy peasy. We just need to know what date you’d like to change to more than 99 days out.

Be a trendsetter.

Be a trailblazer and book your trip first! Having one strong, independent traveler commit to the trip is the catalyst to get everyone else on board. Be that person! Not only will your group thank you when you’re creating lifelong memories, but you’ll be glad you didn’t miss out.

Avoid flakiness.

Let’s face it, in every group of friends, there is always the flake. We love them for who they are, but when it comes to coordinating a big trip abroad, no one has time for that. If you know you want to travel, now is the time to make it happen for yourself. Hopefully, your friend gets it together, but if they don’t, fret not, you’ll have 30 other new BFFs waiting for you upon your arrival.

(More than 60% of our travelers sign up solo, but no one travels alone!)

Save your hard earned money.

The earlier you book, the more money you save. You’ll not only save on your overall trip price, but on your payments as well, since you’ll have more time! Why pay more for the same thing?

Plan the fun stuff!

The second you book, a weight is lifted from your shoulders. You no longer need to worry about dates, flights, hotels, etc., because we take care of it for you! This leaves you time to get excited and to plan all the cool things you want to do to make the trip unique for you and your friends.

Because, why not?

No explanation needed. If you want to travel, make it happen! We’re here to help you and your friends every step of the way. Take the leap…you can thank us later.

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