5 coolest cities you’ll see on Highlights of Eastern Europe

This diverse 14 day trip will take you to cities, castles, cathedrals, and countrysides. Whether you’re a history buff or a beer aficionado, this region truly has something to inspire every kind of traveler. Here are the awesome cities you’ll visit:

1. Budapest, Hungary


This modern capitol city is still stuffed to the brims with cultural heritage.  Take a dip in an ancient Turkish bath and you’ll feel like a socialite from the 16th century, and get your royal swag on exploring the Buda Castle, which is over one thousand years old.

2. Vienna, Austria


If you’re looking for a city that knows how to do extravagance, Vienna is your place. Between the luxe ballrooms, breathtaking opera houses, and stunning architecture, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a fairytale.  Vienna has long been a haven for world-class musicians and artists, so maybe you’ll get a little inspiration yourself!

3. Prague, Czech Republic


Prague is one of the few cities that’s structure was nearly undamaged  by World War II, which means Prague’s medieval center is still standing strong. Get lost in the winding cobblestone streets and marvel at castles dating back to the 9th century. Plus, the beer here is cheaper than water (and it’s amazing).

4. Krakow, Poland


Poland’s most popular tourist city and you’ll understand why.  Krakow is a rapidly emerging city that boasts many of the architectural staples of other Eastern European cities (stunning castles, towering cathedrals, the usual), and is also home to a growing population of young creative types, giving the city a modern, bohemian feel.

5. Warsaw, Poland


The capital city of Poland has gone through its fair share of reinventions.  Warsaw was almost completely destroyed after World War II, and has been rebuilding and developing ever since. This city bounced back in a big way and is now home to a bustling cultural scene, tons of great nightlife, international festivals and music events.

Bonus: Bratislava, Slovakia


Take a day trip to Bratislava in Slovakia. This city looks straight out of a storybook, with narrow, winding streets, a hilltop castle, and much of its commerce centered around two squares in the middle of town. There’s no shortage of outdoor cafes dotting the cobblestone streets, so grab a beer!


Ready to go? Check out the full itinerary here! 

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