Travel Movies on Netflix: Our Picks


Movies are the ultimate in travel inspiration.  Netflix is the best, most inexpensive way to get your 0n-demand move fix.  EF College Break has put the ideas together to create this short list of travel inspiring movies available on the country’s most popular streaming service.

It’s hard to watch scenes from Paris, Bruges, Capri or Barcelona from the films on this list and not yearn to be there in person, living it, and experiencing it for oneself.

Here are some movies to get queued up for some of those free moments, stay-cations and sleepless nights. These movies are available on the Netflix streaming service right now.

In Bruges

Black comedy reigns supreme in this cult movie that stars Colin Farrell.  Farrell plays one of two hitmen that hide out in Bruges, Belgium after a hit in London goes bad.  The other hitman and Farrell’s partner, played by Brendan Gleeson, has a real passion for sightseeing.  The two take to streets and canals of Bruges as events close in around them in a bloody finale.

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The Trip to Italy

Trailing in the footsteps of the great romantic poets, Percy Shelley and Lord Byron two semi-famous Brits (Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon) set off to explore Italy and write a series of travel articles about food in Italy.  There British humor is hard to follow at times as they move seamlessly from impersonating celebrities, quoting poetry, singing along with Alanis Morrisette but the scenery is beautiful, the food looks spectacular. Musing on life and love along the way, you begin to appreciate their insecurities, and much more.  Sticking with this movie past the first 10 minutes is worth it.

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View from the top

Gwenyth Paltrow stars in this movie, that she admittedly called “not a very great movie”. The movie has it’s drawbacks (unrealistic, over-the-top sequences) but Paltrow plays, Donna Jensen, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks that becomes a flight attendant in order to see the world.  Throw in a predictable romance with her boyfriend played by Mark Ruffalo, a love of Paris and a star-studded cast, including Mike Myers, Christina Applegate, Rob Lowe and Candice Bergman this movie is pure feel good cheesiness. Overall, Paltrow’s dreams of travel are enough inspiration for any wanderluster.


L’auberge Espagnol

A young French student decides it’s time for him to study in Barcelona.  His name is Xavier.  He travels to Barcelona to begin his studies in economics, leaving his needy girlfriend behind. The movie features lots of great views of the city and its life – including Park Guell, the bar scene, Royal Plaza and more.  Xavier hooks up with a motley crew of fellow students from around the world – including, a young Brit, an Italian, a German, as he moves into an apartment with them (l’auberge).  Throughout the drama of living in a house with such a diverse crew, Xavier manages to have an affair with a married woman. The movie is trilingual with substantial dialogue in English, French, and Spanish.

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This whimsical and quirky French movie that follows a young waitress in Paris.  The movie will certainly make you want to buy a moped and visit the city sooner rather than later. Amelie, the quirky waitress, finds a trove of old toys hidden behind the baseboard in her apartment.  She sets off on a quest to find the original owners of the toys. It should come as no surprise, this is a French movie after all, that Amelie’s quest takes a romantic turn. A cult-classic for the ages with that ever-alluring Parisian je ne sais quoi!

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Tell us about the travel movies on Netflix you’re watching.