5 Reasons Europe from London to Lisbon Is Calling Your Name

Alfama Neighborhood
Park Guell
Big Ben
Matadors in the Plaza de Toros
The Notre Dame Cathedral

The Europe From London to Lisbon itinerary is jam packed with some big hitter European cities. It has everything from the lights, music, and royalty in London, to that certain je ne sais quoi of Paris. Then it takes you south, towards the Mediterranean Sea where you’ll experience lively Barcelona, metropolitan Madrid, and the vintage Portuguese capital of Lisbon. The longer you travel on this 17 day adventure the further you’ll venture out of your comfort zone, and it’s pretty awesome.

  1. Arriving in London supports an easy adjustment from American life for the jet-lagged traveler. No language barrier, a simple metro-system and so much to see allows for excitement to be at an all time high. Get the lay of the land then use your free time to ride the London Eye, scout for the Queen at Buckingham Palace, imbibe in the local cuisine and pub culture. Then take to the city and experience the local nightlife. London has the perfect mix of quaint, low key pubs to some of the most impressive nightclubs in Europe. No matter your end game, there is somewhere for everyone to start their day and end their night.
  2. Once you’ve had your fill of the British accent, take the Eurostar beneath the English Channel to Paris, the City of Lights. While Paris’ reputation is tied to one of romance and beauty, it has a bit of a bad-ass side as well. Separated into 20 different Arrondissements, or districts, you will be kept busy trying to see it all. Explore the Louvre – and take a selfie with the Mona Lisa if you can get close enough – then test your palate in a cafe for a glass of wine and some escargot. Explore the grittier areas like Montmartre, filled with local artists and skyline views over the city. To say the least, Paris is full of surprises.
  3. And now, Barcelona awaits. Right on the Mediterranean Sea, this Catalonian city affords some of the best seafood, architecture and nightlife around. Barcelona has a unique split personality allowing it to be both one of the most laid back cities in the world, while also hosting some of the craziest nightlife. You have your choice to relax on one of the three main beaches near the Port Olimpic, stroll the main drag (Las Ramblas) and check out the famous Sagrada Familia Cathedral. Or, you can go to a soccer, sorry, we mean futbol match and lose your voice cheering for Lionel Messi. Afterward, stay out until the wee hours of the morning at an incredible nightclub with some of the top DJs in the world…or do it all. You’re traveling, who says you have to choose?
  4. Next up is Madrid, while a bit quicker paced than Barcelona, it shares the same cool, laid back Spanish charm. While in this capital city there’s  plenty to taste, do, see, smell, and try. Have a strong stomach? Check out a bullfight. Unlike anything you’d see in the US, bullfights are cultural experiences only to be found in España. You can feel a little better knowing nothing goes to waste, as the meat from the bull is used in local dishes. For dinner, try Robo del Toro, a local delicacy stew made of the braised oxtail paired with a Tinto de Verano, a carbonated sangria that’s very popular in Spanish culture.
  5. Finally, end your trip in Lisbon, which will probably be the most culturally unique destination of all 5 cities featured on this trip. Slightly jaded from their past governmental challenges, Lisbon is a proud, progressive city that has risen from turmoil. It boasts a characteristically medieval feel with tight winding streets, colorful buildings, and hauntingly beautiful Fado neighborhood. The people are friendly and it is also known for being easy on the pocketbook in comparison to other European cities. Lisbon is an up-and-comer you will be dying to brag to your friends about.

Combine these reasons, with the comfortable pace of the trip (3 nights in each city!) and ease of trains and planes to carry you from place to place you have yourself a pretty unreal trip. Read more about this trip on the itinerary here.