Tour Director Feature: Adam Gerrard

Ever wonder who makes the magic happen on an EF College Break trip? The mastermind behind making sure everything runs smoothly AND maintains the fun? That would be the tour director (TD for short). Tour directors are the travel superheros who take care of everything from the second you land in your destination to when you depart for home.

Meet Adam Gerrard, tour director extraordinaire. He originally hails from England, but now lives in Switzerland during the winter and Greece during the summer (rough life, huh?). Though each tour director brings their own personality and style to the trip, read on for Adam’s take on EFCB.



Tenure with College Break: 7 years
Favorite city: Athens, Greece
Favorite moment from this summer: A barbecue in Engelberg in a meadow beneath the mountains. The travelers got together, ate dinner, and Adam decorated the area with Venetian masks and played music for their own personal party. Sounds pretty fun to me.
Next EFCB Trip: New Year’s Amsterdam, Paris and London



Q: So Adam, what is your advice for travelers considering taking a trip with EF College Break?

A: To make the most of your time abroad, make plans for what you’d like to see before you leave and research thoroughly. Atlas Obscura is awesome for finding places even locals don’t know.

Q: That sounds cool, what’s Atlas Obscura?
A: It’s a website that finds all things which are urban legends or lesser-known activities and sights that are usually free.

Q: You know we love free. Thanks for the suggestion! What would you say in your 7 years of experience with our travelers is most surprising to them about our trips?
A: Sharing a room helps bond the group really quickly and give them the opportunity to make new friends easily. By the end of the trip, it’s often hard to remember who came solo and who came with friends from home.

Q: That’s awesome. It’s great to see people become close after traveling together. Is there anything else surprising?
A: This may sound obvious, but pack warm clothes if you’re traveling during the winter or to a cold destination. A few times people have shown up without clothes appropriate for the weather and end up having to buy things. Check the weather before you go.

Q: Sounds easy enough! What other insider-packing tips do you have for our travelers?
A: Bring running gear. It’s an awesome way to explore new neighborhoods or get a different feel for the city they’re in.

Q: Great tip and thanks for your time, Adam. Any final words of wisdom for all the travel junkies out there?
A: The most important thing to remember is to come with an open mind and understanding that you get out of the trip what you put in. A TD cooks up the atmosphere for a great time, but it’s when the travelers bring a positive attitude and their own personalities that it becomes a great trip. The best trips are full of people who talk to everyone and include the whole group; those are the ones that have the most memorable experiences.

So travelers, you heard it from the expert: researching beforehand, dressing for the weather, and having a positive attitude are the recipe for an amazing trip.