The Perfect New Year’s Eve in Paris

Paris is variously known as the City of Love, the City of Light and the City of Fashion. No matter which Paris you claim as your own, the city is unparalleled in so many ways – its history, art, architecture, and cuisine are considered second to none.

Paris:  Your New Year’s Destination

Of course, Paris is also the perfect place to reflect on another year passing and the new possibilities of starting fresh that arrive with each new January 1st. New Years in Paris is a special experience – it’s an extension of the holiday season and for the French, it’s an opportunity (or excuse) for more gift-giving and renewing old friendships.

Here are three tips to make your Parisian NYE more memorable

1) Plan your soiree. New Years often starts with a plan built around the best of intentions. Like most major capital cities – upscale restaurants will require reservations on NYE and certain clubs and bars will require tickets. Paris, unlike say –  Amsterdam, is not known for major street parties (except those that form near the Eiffel Tower and along the Champs-Elysee) so you may want to commit to one bar or club for the duration after dinner instead of moving around the city too much.

Of course, you will probably plan to start out in a swank Parisian restaurant enjoying the world’s finest cuisine, ample Champagne (see warning below) making great memories before things, um, get a little hazy.

At that point, you may wander over to the light show at the Eiffel tower before the clock strikes midnight. A few more glasses of that bubbly and who knows, you might end up celebrating with some newly made friends as you stretch your high school French to the max. For a more laid back experience, head up to the area around Sacre Couer with hilltop views, a more staid bonhomie  atmosphere and stunning hilltop views – this could be just the Parisian experience you are looking for.


2) Be culturally sensitive.
Before you pour yourself a second or third glass of that bubbly – be aware of the sensibilities of your host nation. Champagne – that is, real Champagne, can only come from the Champagne region of France made in the venerable methode tradionelle and is not to be confused with “lesser” sparkling wine variations.

If you are budget conscious, Cremant is a less expensive French sparkling wine that has many similarities to Champagne.


3) Make fun happen!
The amount of New Year’s fun you have is in direct proportion to what you put into the big night. Relax, keep your expectations in check, and help make the fun.  New Year’s doesn’t happen to you, it happens with you.  Big diff.

A great night in Paris awaits. How could you miss this?

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