Europe gone wild

When I lived in Prague, I once went to a temporary outdoor photo exhibit (it was the World Press Photo exhibition), and it was a great experience. I like good photography and I like the outdoors. Outdoor exhibitions tend to be free, and I enjoy just casually walking up to see some world-class photography without going through any doors. In short, I’m a big fan of outdoor photography exhibitions. That’s why I was happy to just stumble upon the Wild Wonders of Europe.

The Wild Wonders of Europe is a traveling outdoor photo show that will be springing up in various cities throughout Europe until 2012. The photos depict all the natural wonders of the European continent. Animals, plants, scenery, etc. As their website says, many people don’t think of Europe first when they think of continents with amazing natural wonders. The folks at Wild Wonders of Europe want to change that.

Right now (and through August 22), the Wild Wonders of Europe is in Prague, in the Old Town. One hundred large-scale photos are on display. I can’t seem to find a city schedule on their website (to know where the exhibition is heading next), but in the meantime, you can see a lot of cool photos in their online galleries. Sixty-nine top photographers shot in 48 European countries. They did a great job.

Photo: Van Felt via Flickr (CC license)

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