Hello: See Adele in Europe

Photo Credit: USA Today
Photo Credit: USA Today

Hello, it’s us. Yes, we realize that joke isn’t clever anymore, but we are pretty darn excited about the announcement of Adele’s 2016 tour; the first in five years! The English singer, songwriter and the heaven’s gift to mankind recently came off of her three-year hiatus and released her third album, 25, sending her fans into a frenzy of emotion.

Tickets for Adele’s North American tour went on sale 12/17, but why settle for seeing Adele in your home state when you can see her abroad? Adele’s world tour aligns with several EF College Break trips, so say, “Hello, from the other side” of the pond:


Concert Date: 3/15/16
Trips: London, Paris & Barcelona 3/12, London, Paris & Rome 3/12, London & Paris Escape 3/13, London & Scotland Escape 3/13

Concert Date: 3/16/16
Trips: London & Paris Escape 3/13, London & Scotland Escape 3/13

Concert Date: 3/18/16
Trips: Amsterdam, Paris & London 3/11


Concert Date: 5/24/16
Trips: London, Paris & Barcelona 5/14 or 5/17, Spain, France & Italy 5/19


Concert Date: 6/1/16
Trips: Grand Tour of Europe 5/24

Concert Date: 6/3/16
Trips: Europe from Amsterdam to Athens 6/2, Grand Tour of Europe 5/24, Ultimate Europe 5/10 or 5/11


Concert Date: 6/9/16
Trips: London, Paris & Rome 6/4 or 6/5, London & Paris Escape 6/5, London, Paris & Barcelona 6/4, European Road Trip 5/28, Ultimate Europe 5/11 or 5/13

Concert Date: 6/10/16
Trips:  London, Paris & Rome 6/5, London & Paris Escape 6/5, London, Paris & Barcelona 6/4, Ultimate Europe 5/13