Top 10 Reasons to Travel in Fall

So long, sweet summer. The air is crisp, school is back in session and literally everything tastes like, smells like, looks like and feels like pumpkin. Regardless of your sentiments toward the season, autumn is the ultimate time to travel.

Don’t believe us? Here are the top 10 reasons (in no particular order) why you should travel in the fall:



  1. Beat the crowds. As summer subsides and fall flourishes, crowds disperse and personal space becomes ample in some of the world’s most popular attractions without feeling like the middle of a mosh pit. Head to the Louvre and bid the Mona Lisa “bonjour”, sans hoards of tourists.



  1. Party on, Wayne. Fall is the time for festivals, with Munich’s Oktoberfest being the front-runner. Strap on your lederhosen and dirndl, pick up a stein and cheers to the start of a new season. Get there with EF College Break!



  1. Save that $$. Fewer tourists means cheaper prices than what you’d experience during peak travel months. Who knew that “supply and demand stuff” you learned in your freshman econ class could apply to your vacation habits?    



  1. Sensational scenery. Although cities like Paris and Prague are beautiful year-round, nothing compares to the kaleidoscope of color found in autumn. Walk through the Luxembourg Gardens as the leaves begin to change, or make note of how the foliage matches the burnt orange rooftops from the hill at Prague Castle. #nofilter needed.



  1. Cool Runnings. Traveling in the fall means cooler temperatures in most destinations. This may sound obvious, but it’s refreshing to spend an entire day outdoors being active without sweating profusely. It makes for a more comfortable experience, plus, you’ll look great in photos.



  1. Hearty food; minimal regret. Want to try fries slathered in mayo in Amsterdam? How about a giant shepherd’s pie in Ireland? Fall is the perfect season for comfort food. Bring on the elastic waistbands and let them eat cake… all the cake.



  1. The Great Indoors. In the summer, there’s an unspoken obligation to enjoy every minute of warm weather and sun possible. The beauty of fall travel is you needn’t feel guilty for spending time inside! If you feel like sitting inside at a Scottish pub sipping whiskey all day, no one is stopping you. In fact, we encourage it. Get to Scotland this fall.



  1. Sip on that. Speaking of beverages, fall is also a time to sample warm drinks. Savor the richness of an Italian espresso or bundle up with a cup of German gluehwein. These toasty libations will warm you from the inside out.



  1. Fewer holidays = fewer closures. In Europe in particular, national holidays tend to mean popular attractions are closed. With many holidays falling over the summer and winter months, traveling in the fall leaves greater opportunity for you to visit museums, historic sites and local businesses without interruption.



  1. Food & Wine. Head to Italy in October for peak food and wine season. This is harvest time for grapes, meaning the wine is ever-flowing. This is also prime time for truffles and chocolate dishes, so prep your palate for rich flavors that won’t disappoint.  


EF College Break is the best way for 18-28 year olds to travel in the fall. Check out all trips departing in the fall here.