Find Nemo While Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef


You are drifting. Sunshine warms your back as a world of color beckons from beneath. One last deep breath–you plunge.

Photo Credit: Allison Schuler


No sound, save the flutter of fish in formations fluid as smoke from a flame. The light now shimmers a dance upon the canyon of rainbow below, offering renewed beauty each shift of luminescence. With a strong kick, you propel towards the cacophony of coral that ebbs and flows with the ocean’s waves as if to wave hello.

This is bliss.

Anemones wisp like willows in the wind, inviting you to linger a moment longer. A speck of orange with stripes of white bashfully peeks back from within the tendrils of his home. In this moment, within the silence of the gardens of another world, you know that you succeeded:

You just found Nemo. Nice.


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