Yum. Food.

Gelato: A Love Story

Traveling is one of my favorite things; and while, yes, I travel for the eye-opening experiences, the memories, the incredible art & history and the all-around fun of adventure, I, most of all, travel for the food. It won’t be hard to imagine that Italy is my favorite country for all of these things, but … Read more

Eating in Florence: Tips for Finding Foodie Heaven

Tuscan food is the equivalent of standing in front of the gates of foodie heaven. It relies on simple ingredients–things like olives, garlic, unsalted bread and tomatoes. And of course, olive oil. Olive oil is on every table. Have a spoonful, seriously, you might live to be 120 years old if you consume enough. Surprising to … Read more

5 Highlights of Europe You Didn’t Know Existed

The London Eye. Eiffel Tower. Guinness Factory. Big, iconic landmarks that are a huge draw for travelers considering the Highlights of Europe trip. But what about the hidden gems? Learning the lesser-known history of a destination, finding a hole-in-the-wall bar or restaurant and blending in like a local are how the best travel memories are … Read more

How Does the World’s Best Ramen Compare to Instant Ramen?

How does Michelin-awarded ramen hold up to classic Top Ramen? Read on to find out!   42 Yelp Stars Earlier this month, a Michelin star was awarded to Tsuta, a small noodle shop in the Sugamo district of Tokyo. This is a big freakin’ deal, my friends.  Why? For those less culinary-inclined, a Michelin star … Read more

Morgan’s Must-Eats: Poland

Welcome to Morgan’s Must-Eats. A destination based written ode to all the wonderful foods I’ve tried throughout my travels.     My mom is 100% Polish, so I grew up with my grandparents making traditional Polish food regularly. From creamy soups with dumplings to handmade pierogies at Christmas time, we really know how to eat. … Read more

Pictures of the Week: Week of 11/16/15

When asked the travel question, “What are you most looking forward to in…?” many times the answer is to try a new food from that destination. This Monday, we are celebrating the exciting world of cuisine from countries around the world. What are you most excited to try next?   1. @sam0ny- A German pretzel as … Read more

Eight Well-Spent Dollars in Kyoto: Savory Street Food Beckons

$8.00 goes a long way in Kyoto, Japan, so we wanted to show you a savory sampling to wet your appetite for this city’s incredible food. Not only is it just darn tasty, but Japan is also an extremely vegetarian-friendly travel destination. Kyoto is fast garnering more and more attention as an unbeatable destination and favored stop for … Read more

Hello, Beer Gardens! by Tyree Constantine

Beer is a staple component of Germany’s national culture and identity.  The number of professional brewers is nearly endless, with 5,000+ producing beers in over 50 well-documented, diverse flavors. It’s a pretty big difference from American beer culture that still largely revolves around Budweiser, Miller and Coors. If you are a beer enthusiast, you’ll be at … Read more

Not Your Grandma’s Italian Cooking Class

EF College Break traveler Allison Dascani recently went on The Grand Tour of Italy. Allison was also our first Instagram takeover leader, and we were graced with her great images for two weeks posted as she posted from every stop on her tour. We had a few minutes to talk with her about her experiences … Read more

Mei Lin in Paris eating falafel

Travel Advice from EFCB Traveler and Top Chef Winner Mei Lin

Travel changes people. It’s a beautiful thing. A new place can center you, give you a new perspective, or be a big step in following your dreams of culinary greatness and becoming the winner of Top Chef. At least that’s what travel did for Mei Lin, reigning Top Chef Champ and (we’re very proud to … Read more

Enjoy Late Night Tapas and Guitar Music in Barcelona

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy Barcelona Spain is a wonderful mix of the old and the new.  World class museums, bullfights, soaring cathedrals and unforgettable night life are just a few of the activities that make Spain the draw that it is.  When the pace slows down, enjoy an evening of great tapas and Spanish … Read more

From the team: Traveling as a Vegetarian

Managing any sort of dietary restrictions while you’re abroad can be a pain. It can seem impossible to know what exactly is lurking in that paella, but trust us, it can be done. Here are some tips from four of our staff members who have navigated the waters of eating meat-free while in a new … Read more