French mansion opens after 100 years…

Here’s an interesting (and sort of creepy) story from central France. A little more than a hundred years ago, an eccentric man who lived in a mansion died. His last wish was that his huge town-house be turned into a museum so people in a hundred years could see how a turn-of-the-20th-century French gentleman lived.

The mansion was sealed, and it remained so until a few weeks ago…

And now visitors can go see it. Inside are all kinds of interesting objects, still just as they were the day the man died, including furniture, archaeological treasures, skulls, and a collection of stuffed birds. The house even had flushing toilets, which was modern technology at the time.

The man’s name was Louis Mantin, and I like his style. When I was a kid I once made a time capsule in a shoebox that I was going to open in fifty years. I'm sure it's been thrown away by now, but my fascination with time capsules has lived on.

The mansion is sort of in the middle of nowhere (in Moulins, about 190 miles from Paris), and your EF College Break tour won’t take you there (Moulins is not exactly a hotspot). But if you’re traveling on your own before or after a tour, it could be worth getting out there to check it out. Especially if you like time capsules.


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