Live Blog Highlights: From Camels to Engagements

Over the last few weeks, we sent three of our New Year’s travelers to Europe armed with iPhones to document all their experiences. We got to follow along with their amazing sight seeing, delicious meals, and even the little silly moments on tour. Ever wanted to see what the day-to-day of life on an EFCB tour looks like? Now’s your chance. Here are some of the memorable moments straight from Jeff (London and Paris), Rolando (Berlin, Prague, and Munich), and Roseanne (Spanish Fiesta). To see their complete journeys, visit



This was Rolando's first sight upon arriving at the airport in Europe. Welcome. A great start to the trip. 

First stop in London: gotta check out the Big Ben. Jeff got some amazing views from atop the London Eye. 

Some people ride horses for fun. EF College Break travelers ride camels. No big deal. Roseanne says camel riding needs to be on everyone's bucket list. 


Jeff's favorite sight was definitely the Eiffel Tower, and could not take enough pictures of it! Plus, Jeff's cousin he was traveling with got a special surprise here… her boyfriend popped the question! Getting engaged under the Eiffel Tower.. that one goes down in the EFCB record books. 

On Rolando's final night, they enjoyed some local food (and local brews) while enjoying his group's company. He said that even though they started the trip as strangers, everyone became extremely close while traveling. 



Roseanne's group was also very sad to leave each other at the end of their trip, so they spent their last night together enjoying a fun night in. They cooked dinner in their apartment-hotel, and had a night full of food, local wines, pictures, and group superlatives! 


Again, I definitely encourage you to check out Jeff, Rolando, and Roseanne's trips. They dished on all the details in their own words, as it was happening. Are you interested in spending New Year's 2014 traveling? Right now all New Year's trips are $200 off until February 1st. Next year, you'll be the one having these adventures.