6 Reasons to Visit the Greek Islands in the Next Year

The Greek Islands are incomparable. Sun, serenity and the sea come together for the ultimate restorative and relaxing island experience.  Here are our top reasons you should visit the Greek Islands this year.


  1. Endless sunshine

300 days of total, complete, hardly-a-cloud-in-the-sky sunshine. The chances of one day having less-than-ideal weather is only about 20%. Hardly any rain falls from May to September, and the average temperature is 75 degrees.

1200 feet above Santorini’s caldera

2. Warm water

Average water reaches 77 degrees in the months of May, June and July, coupled with pristine beaches. On Paros alone, beaches account for 75 of the island’s 125 miles of coastline.

ULTB-Eric Byers - IMG_4096

3. Serenity 

Miles of uncrowded shores. Fewer cars. Fewer people. The pace of life in the Greek Islands really slows down and allows visitors to experience pure, unadulterated relaxation.

Quaint street in Santorini

4. Unforgettable sunsets

Sunsets on islands, like Santorini and Paros, are absolutely incredible. With few clouds in the sky and an azure blue sea below, the sunset experience is top-rated. Life stops; the party begins. Greece is home to some of the most epic nightlife you will ever experience. With all-night beach parties and visits from some of the most famous DJs in the world, you can dance the night away any night of the week.

Sunsets in the Greek Islands are fantastic

5. Rustic tavernas

Sitting down in an authentic Greek taverna is quite the experience. You’ll probably meet the owner or a member of the family that has run it for generations. Savor a lamb kabob, a delicious gyro or a fresh Greek salad for the complete taverna experience.

Waterfront tavernas are everywhere in the Greek Islands

6. Wine

It may come to a surprise to many, but the Greek Islands (like Santorini) can make some really good white wine. Look for the Assyrtiko, a wine that owes its enhanced taste to the volcanic soil and steady wind. For optimal effect, drink the wine in conjunction with #1-5 on this list.

Try some Greek wine – it can be refreshing and surprisingly good.

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