Vacations Are Important. Yes, Really.


The New York Times published an article about the science behind a topic that is near and dear to our hearts: vacation. Whether this word drums up nostalgic memories of piling into mom’s minivan (AKA the sibling seat-belted fist fight arena) or stirs excitement for a big future trip, vacations are important! Science says so.

According to the article, not only are vacations good for your soul, but they can also benefit your career. A study by Project: Time Off, a research project created by the U.S. Travel Association, cited that on average, working Americans who left between 11 and 15 unused vacation days were 6.5% less likely to get a raise compared to their jet-setting, vacation-taking counterparts.

Despite this statistic, working Americans neglected to use 169 million paid vacation days in 2013. Yes, you read that right, one-hundred and sixty-nine MILLION. That’s over 463,000 years of potential trips gallivanting through Europe, climbing Machu Picchu or surfing in Australia not taken. How sad.

The moral of the story: use your vacation time! Don’t let these precious days pass you by in your cubicle when you could be out exploring the world—particularly with EF Ultimate Break. Even if you’re out of college, you still deserve a break. Since our trips are for anyone between 18-29, young professionals, college students, and everyone in between are welcome to join. We handle the details and logistics so you can focus on what you do best: having a great time exploring the world.

You can check out The New York Times article for yourself here, and plan your vacation with EF Ultimate Break here.