5 Reasons to Visit Ireland this Year

Ireland is a must-see destination for every traveler seeking an authentic cultural experience. From friendly locals to picturesque landscapes, the Emerald Isle is the place to be this year.

1. The Cities

The cities of Ireland are strewn with narrow cobblestone streets, lined with quaint pubs and filled with friendly faces. The new blends with old; ruins and castles are scattered about creating the perfect ambiance you can’t find anywhere else.

The Dublin cityscape
The Dublin cityscape

2. The Countryside

The Irish countryside is as magical as the movies, postcards and desktop screensavers suggest. Emerald hills roll endlessly, striped with stone walls and sprinkled with sheep. As you leave the busy cities, the calm countrysides beckon for the ultimate escape.


3. The Pub Scene

It wouldn’t be Ireland without the pubs. Hop from bar to bar and enjoy a medley of traditional live music, singing patrons and an endless supply of Guinness and Jameson. Slainte!

Guinness flows freely

4. The History

The millennia-old history is everywhere, starting in industrial Dublin to the peaceful Aran Islands. The Irish are impeccable storytellers, and their folklore will leave you entranced.

View of Blarney Castle
View of Blarney Castle

5. The Accents

Yup. They’re Irish, and they’re great.

Irish accents and music galore

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