Experience the Ill-Fated Titanic Firsthand in Belfast



Here in Belfast the world’s most famous ship was built, The Titanic.  More than 100 years have passed since the great ship sank and now, a new museum has taken place on the very docks where the ship was built.  This Titanic experience, first opened in 2012, features virtual tours of the ship and also an entire experience built around seeing the rusted, decaying tomb on the floor of the North Atlantic in sweeping, panoramic video.

The museum is also the story of Victorian Belfast.  The people of the city that built the great ship are featured prominently in this museum experience.  They take great pride in their ship and you’ll have plenty of occasions to buy a favored t-shirt in Belfast that reads:  “Titanic – it was OK when it left here.”


Amazingly, it has been 18 years since the poor artist Jack Dawson,  saved aristocratic Rose from jumping off the bow of the Titanic in the classic 1997 movie.  It was the first of two big saves for Jack in this flick, as he also helped Rose to save herself from marrying the douchey, rich guy “Cal”.  But there is so much more to the Titanic than the artist-aristocrat-douchey guy forbidden love triangle, meets coming-of-age Hollywood mega-movie…you just need to go to Belfast to see if for yourself.

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