Ireland: The Perfect First-Time Destination (or All the Time)

You never forget your first time abroad. The sights, the sounds, the cultural faux-pas you make as a novice traveler all become pleasant memories to reminisce upon as you go pro on your next jaunt. My first trip abroad was to Ireland. It was a place I was always interested in, and when given the opportunity to actually go, I jumped on it. I soon learned that Ireland is the perfect international destination for a first-time traveler (and literally everyone else IMHO). Here’s why…


No language barrier

Being monolingual can be somewhat stressful when adjusting to a new country. Ireland is great because not only does everyone speak English, their accents are awesome! From ordering food at a restaurant or asking for directions, it’s simple to follow along. The hard part is trying not to swoon.

Sofia Castillo - image (1)

People are nice!

This may be a grave generalization based on my experience, but Irish people are just friggin’ nice. One night out in Dublin, my friends and I started chatting with a group of locals around our age. They invited us to another pub with them and we ended up having a great time! They were so hospitable in showing us around and ensured we had an fantastic experience in their city. We exchanged Facebook information by the end of the night and I am still in touch with them to this day, eight years later.


The ambiance

I like to travel places that feel way different than America. Why spend an uncomfortable night on an airplane if I could just drive to New Hampshire for the same thing? Ireland is incredible because, while it isn’t shockingly different from our lifestyle in the States, it does have its own charm. There were times I’d walk down a normal-looking street and BAM! A castle from the 11th century stood right in my face. Pretty cool. In addition to really old buildings, the natural beauty of the countryside is equally impressive. The green landscape scattered with ruins from the potato famine from the 1840s, or the Cliffs of Moher yielding a 700-foot vertical drop are wow-worthy.


Ease of Navigating the Cities

It can be troublesome to get around big cities, but in Ireland, navigating and getting where you need to go is easy. Never once did I have to rely on public transportation, and was able to walk or take a quick taxi ride to my desired destination. Traveling from city to city can be a bit of a hassle within Ireland, however, College Break travelers don’t need to worry about that! All transportation from city to city is included in the cost of the trip. Problem solved.
Like a lucky four-leaf clover, there are your four reasons to visit Ireland. Whether you’re a first-timer or nah, I dare you to not be entranced with the people, the culture and the everything of Ireland. Get there on Grand Tour of Ireland, St. Paddy’s Day in Ireland or Highlights of Europe.