Haggle In the Souks For the Best Deal on Argan Oil.


Take a day trip to Africa to explore Morocco with a local guide, enjoying everything Tetouan has to offer. From feasting on a traditional Moroccan lunch to visiting a spice shop full of natural remedies used to cure common ailments for ages and popular (and inexpensive!) beauty products like Argan Oil, this place is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

The real fun begins in the souks, or marketplaces. Haggling is part of everyday life here; locals and visitors alike barter for the best deal, which gives souvenir shopping a totally different feel from anywhere else in the world. Find the perfect, one of a kind, artisan-made souvenir that you can’t find anywhere else. The best part is, the first price offered is merely a suggestion! Go back and forth with the merchants and emerge victorious as a master of negotiation making that souvenir all the more perfect.

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